Breathe in the night air

Usually, on a Monday night I get out of class around 8pm and my boyfriend usually picks me up but last night he was unable to because he was sick.  There were two ways I could have walked, down University and then make a right on to Rural, or I could walk through ASU (Arizona State University) campus pass the MU (Memorial Union) and in between the two business buildings. I chose the MU path because I thought it would probably be a little quicker.  Put some latin music on and went on my way.  Suddenly I saw some lights glowing and noticed that it was coming from the pillars by the MU, I never knew that they were actually lights that changed colors at night. I realized that with the right type of music on and if the fountain was running that night, it would be a really romantic place to have a little date.  I never realized how nice it is to just walk around ASU campus at night.  All the fountains are lit with a nice soft glow and the weather was just perfect last night, probably around 70 degrees. Nice time to take a nice walk with your date and just observe your  surroundings and watch the people on the field playing different types of sports all at once.  It was a very nice walk home and I think the latin music I was playing really set the mood.  Bellow are some picture of what the MU looked like. (pictures provided from PowerParasol website) My phone sadly does not take great pictures at night.

MU_cady_green MU_under_gold MU_night-shot_blue-looking-east


One thought on “Breathe in the night air

  1. I love these new changes that ASU has made to the outside area of the MU. I personally love looking at these kinds of lights at night. Sounds like you had a nice and peaceful stroll.


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